Monday, February 25, 2008

Last Minute Getaway

We had planned on going to Cincinnati this past Saturday.  When James got home from work Friday afternoon we decided to go ahead and spend the night.  It was fun to get out of the house for the night.  The girls always love staying in a hotel.  I think their favorite part is being able to watch Animal Planet.  We went to the Children's Museum on Saturday.  If you are in a few hours drive of Cincinnati you should definitely take your kids.  Right now they have The Human Body exhibit.  James and I would like to go up sometime just the two of us and see the exhibit.  It is 2 hours and a bit pricey to take the kids through it.  We did get to see the Human Body video at the Omnimax theater though.  We all really enjoyed it.  And I was very excited that there was only one reference to evolution.  They were showing babies swimming underwater and made reference to their ability to hold their breathe.  The movie said it is a reflex babies have and "probably was left over from us coming out of the water".   We immediately told our girls that God gave babies that ability.   Overall we were very impressed with the video.  And it actually gave support to God's hand created our bodies, even if they never said that.

I will post pictures soon.

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