Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lil's Date with Daddy

Lil had a unique date with Daddy.  They headed out about 2pm on a Saturday.  Their first stop was the children's museum.  Not any real unique about that.

This is Lil's favorite exhibit at this museum.  She loves babies.

Their next stop, and the real date event, is where the term unique comes in.  Lil went to Monster Jam.  She was excited for two weeks when James told her where she was going for her date.  She could not wait to get out of the house.  Around 10:20 that morning she even had her shoes on.  That is amazing for Lil!

If you were paying close attention to her clothing, you noticed the change.  She picked out a Grave Digger t-shirt.  Girlie looking, but still cross bones.

Lil's favorite truck was Black Stallion.  Anytime it came out on the floor she would hold up her toy truck of Black Stallion.

That's one happy girl!

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