Friday, September 5, 2008

We Won!!!

I'm so excited right now!   And so are my girls!!!!

Last month I entered them in a drawing for a FREE American Girl Doll.  They have really gotten into American Girl in the past few months.  Lulu got the Julie series for Christmas from Poppy and Georgia last year.  She is reading through them now.  So her favorite doll is Julie.  Monkey likes Molly.  She has one of her books and checks the other ones out at the library.  Lil says she likes Julie...I wonder why?

Anyway....back to the FREE doll.  For those of you not familiar with AG dolls, they are expensive.  $105! 

The lady called me from the bookstore just a little while ago to let me know that we won the Kit doll.  They were running the contest around the opening of the movie.  I hope it goes to the dollar movies soon.  I'm sure the girls will want to see it for sure now. 

So I'm guessing that school will go smoothly for us today.  They have a great incentive for getting done quickly.

Now I just have to be in much prayer.  How do three little girls share one new doll?