Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Esther - weeks 5, 6, 7

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Week 5
  • Satan uses the fears we have to cripple us.  He knows that he cannot fully destroy us because we are God's.  So he does what he can to make us uneffective.  Don't let him use your fear against you.
  • God does not call us to be perfect or to execute the things we do perfectly.  He only calls us to be willing.  He uses broken vessels to do great things.  Give what you have to the Lord.  He will make it great, not you.
  • My favorite quote from week 5:  "Discontent with selfishness and weary of ego, we finally become willing to lose ourselves to something greater.  In doing so, we find Christ as we've never know Him and, there, pooled in the reflection of His eyes, startle to discover that a part of ourselves resembles Him."  Beth Moore
Week 6
  • God is always at work for His people.  He has never walked away.  Even when it seems there is no hope, He is in control.
  • Haman finds himself in a low place in chapter 6.  He is going to Xerxes to ask for Mordecai's immediate death.  When he arrives Xerxes asks him what he would do to honor someone.  Haman, of course, thinks Xerxes plans to honor him.  So he tells of the elaborate way to honor someone (Esther 6:6-9).  The irony of the matter is that Xerxes then tells Haman to do every last detail for Mordecai the Jew.  Haman hates Mordecai and now has to parade him through the streets giving him honor.  Isn't God good!  He will even have our enemies show us honor. 
  • Live life for God.  If we do something good and receive honor, fine.  If we do not receive honor, fine.  Let's not exalt ourselves to a place we do not belong and cannot stand.  We are only setting ourselves up for a fall when we do.  When I fall, I want to be falling before God's throne.  He is the only one whe deserves honor and praise.
Week 7
  • Esther reveals to Xerxes and Haman that she is a Jew.  But she is very careful with her words.  She accuses Haman without also accusing Xerxes.  Xerxes is just as guilty as Haman.  He okayed the annihalation of thousands of Jews without blinking an eye.  Esther knows that she cannot make him feel guilty though.
  • Be careful to not seek greatness.   "Every one of us who embraces the glory of God as our purpose will end up doing great things precisely because we do God-things".  Beth Moore
  • We are called to follow.  Simply follow!