Thursday, April 3, 2008

Show and Tell

Show off those talents. Share a story, a special moment, a piece of artwork. Any accomplishment, great or small, is fair game.

I had a very special moment when I was senior in high school.  I went to Washington, D.C. to work in soup kitchens feeding the homeless.  It was an amazing experience.  There were so many people pouring into the places where we were helping.  I remember seeing "kids" that were only a year or two older than me and they were homeless.  I was so thankful for my family at that moment.  I knew in my heart that I would always have a place to go if I needed help.

One afternoon, instead of working in the homeless shelters, we went to help at an after-school program for elementary aged children.  It was heart breaking for me.  I have always loved kids.  I started babysitting when I was 12.  I remember helping them with their homework and playing games with them.  They loved the attention.  I know from their faces and some of the things that they were talking about that their home lives were not what God desired for them.  I broke my heart to know what they were seeing in their moms and dads and whoever else was around.  But even though it was a sad moment, it was precious too.  I knew that God would take those little seeds we were planting in those kids and do a mighty work that only He could do.  I am thankful that I went.

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