Saturday, April 19, 2008

First Time For Everything

My Not-so-Wordless Wednesday

The other night I was trimming the cats' nails.  I left these on the bathroom counter in order to remember to trim Amidela's nails the next morning.

I realize now that I should have known better.  I often 'forget' that Lil lives in our house.  The next morning Lulu comes running for me.  Lil was in the bathroom.  And this is what I saw!

She cut her hair with cat nail trimmers!!!  My first two girls never cut their hair.  They never flushed their panties down the toilet.  They never played in the toilet.  They rarely colored on their bodies with markers.  

The Lord is teaching us so much through this little girl.  Apparently we needed a lot of work in the patience area because that seems to be His theme with Lil!!!

I'm just thankful that she did not cut a more noticeable chunk out of her hair.  It is right at the top in the center.  She is letting her bangs grow out so I usually pull it up.  Now I have to pull it to the side because if I pull it up in the center....she has multiple twigs sticking up right in front!

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