Wednesday, April 9, 2008

JBQ State Tournament 2008

This past weekend was the girls' State Tournament for JBQ!  They did awesome.  It is a very intense weekend.  Quizzing on Friday night determines what division you quiz in on Saturday.  Lulu and Monkey were on different teams for the first time all year.  Lulu's team went undefeated Friday night which put them in the Gold division.  Monkey's team was made of three 1st graders with this year being all three's first time quizzing.  They made it into the Bronze division. 

On Saturday Lulu's team only lost one match.  They did great!  They day ended with us being tied for 1st with two other teams.  In JBQ when there is a three way tie places are determined by overall points.  They announced 3rd place...not us.  Then they said the last two teams tied in points so 1st and 2nd place would be determined by who won in the match between those two teams.  We won in that match so........Lulu's team took 1st place in the Gold division in the State of Kentucky!!!   We were very proud!  In individual scores Lulu took 5th place.  She did really well.  (Go here for more details on JBQ.)

Monkey's team hung in there and did their best on Saturday.  It is a very intense day for the younger ones.  They ended up taking 4th place in the Bronze division in the State of Kentucky!  In individual scores Monkey took 13th place.  We were also very proud of her.

With JBQ, there is competition.  But James and I continually tell the girls that they are learning God's Word and that is our main focus.  They know details about the Bible at 8 and 6 that a lot of adults do not know.  They study hard and God blesses!

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