Friday, April 25, 2008

Cincinnati Zoo

We had a great time at the Cincinnati Zoo last weekend.  All five of us love the zoo.  The girls really enjoy the gorillas, polar bears, and penguins.  I hope you enjoy the slide show of our trip.

Some extra special things I wanted to highlight are below.  We were able to see baby birds being fed by their mommy.  Monkey asked why her body was moving back and forth the way it was.  She knew that the mommy bird chewed the food up for the baby, but she did not realize that the mommy actually eats the food and vomits it up for the baby.  They were able to watch this first hand.  They were very thankful that I did not have to feed them that way when they were babies.

Lil loves penguins.  She could not wait to go see them.  She ran up to the glass and starting giving them names from a movie she has, "Scamper the Penguin".  She also tried to tell everyone else that they could not look at her penguins.  We had to have a little discussion about sharing...imagine that.  She also told me when we were watching the gorillas that she wanted to live with them instead of us.  I said, "OK, but you will not get to watch Little House if you live with the gorillas."  She decided she would come home with us.

There are always lots of peacocks roaming around at Cincinnati Zoo.  Lil was chasing them while we were eating.  She wanted them to eat our of her hand just like the goats do.  I was waiting for her to get pecked.  Anyway, we were able to see a male trying to show off for a lady.  She ended up running off so it didn't work.

This young male was trying to show another young male that he was the stuff too!

We had a great time and cannot wait to go back.

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