Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

I hope your family had a wonderful Christmas.  We sure did!  I was the first one to wake up this morning....before 7am.   I had some time to myself before the kids began to stir.  Once everyone was up we started in on our traditions.  The girls wanted to play their new Mario game.   James asked them if they planned on opening their presents.  It was a nice scenery. 

We do not do the Santa thing at our house.  Christmas is about Christ.  The presents and festivities are part of celebrating Christ for us.  So the girls were obviously excited once they started opening them, but the presents are not the focus for them either.  We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus, James read the birth story from the Bible, we prayed and then the girls began.  They have been playing, sewing and crafting ever since.  In a little while we will do another one of our Christmas day traditions.....go to Waffle House. 

So another Christmas is basically past.  I hope you have taken time today to thank Jesus for the blessings in your life.  Without Christ there really is no Christmas.  He is what Christmas is all about, whether our culture wants to admit it or not!

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