Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Lulu

Lulu is 8 today!!!   Where have the years gone?  I can still remember the nervousness I felt on the way to the hospital.  She was my first baby and even though I knew what to expect...I had no idea what to expect.  When she was born she was breathing three times faster than normal.  She was moved to NICU and spent her first seven days there.  On Christmas day she had two seizures and was put on medication.  James and I were scared as all parents would be, but I never felt out of control fear.  God's peace was with us from the very beginning.  I knew God would heal her and He did.  She is perfect!

Lulu is my sensitive girl.  She wears her emotions on her sleeve.  She loves books, animals (especially horses), drawing and swimming.  She is always eager to help others, not so much when it comes to her room though.  Her sisters adore her even though they do not always act like they do.  She is a great friend.  Lulu loves the Lord and her church.  I am so thankful to have her as my daughter.

Lord, I thank you for Lulu.  Thank you for her sensitive spirit.  Use her to show your love and compassion to hurting people.  Help us to raise her to know and love You.  Help me to teach her to be a woman of God.  Thank you for her health.  Keep her close to you.  Guard her heart and her mind from the things of this world.  May she remain innocent in Your eyes.  Lord she is Yours and only lent to us so that we can help guide her to Your will. Bless her Lord.  In Jesus' name, Amen.

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