Thursday, December 13, 2007

Two Afternoons Free...In My House?

I cannot believe it but we have experienced two afternoons free!  Today and yesterday the girls were up, fed, clothed and ready to go.  We were able to get all work done by lunchtime.  That is huge for us.  And Lil only flushed one pair of panties and two pieces of chalk down the toilet

She came in the school room and told me her pink panties were gone.  I didn't think too much of it since she had purple panties on.  Then I remembered a pink pair in the bathroom.  I figured she threw them away.  When I took her to use the potty a little later she pointed in the potty and told me again that her pink panties were gone.  She never really put things in the potty as an young toddler....when I would have expected her too.  Now that she is almost three she does.  Sometimes I wonder how she comes up with the things she does.  Thank the Lord that our toilet still flushes fine.  They must have gone on through. 

Anyway, back to getting school done around lunchtime.  The girls were even excited to be done earlier.  And their attitudes were so much better.  That doesn't mean there was no complaining, but not like when it's 3:30 and we're still at the table.  I just hope having a couple weeks off for Christmas does not monkey wrench us.

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