Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Esther - week 4

God is really doing some amazing things around here.  I can see His hand at work in so many areas of our lives right now.  It is pretty amazing!

As for my Esther study this past week, well, God is continuing to teach me.  And challenge me.  That is one of the great things about Him.  He does not leave us where we are.  He always desires to move us forward towards Him.  I know that I am a work in progress.  I'm just thankful He is willing to work on me!

In week 4 of the study Beth Moore makes this statement: "He'd use their enemies to turn His people back to Him."  The Jews in the Persian Empire made the choice to stay instead of return to Jerusalem when Cyrus allowed them to go.  They had become so accustomed to Persian life that most had lost their 'Jewishness'.  Sound familiar to our world?  God used the enemies of the Jewish people to wake them up.  When Haman's decree went out that all Jews in the Persian Empire would die, they remembered their God and became repentant before Him.  So, yes, God will use our enemies to wake us up if need be.  Sometimes things happen in our lives to remind us of who we are supposed to be serving.  (Disclaimer:  I'm not saying that all bad things that come our way are because we have sinned and are away from God.  We all know that is not true.  We live in a fallen world where bad things happen.)   There are times, though, when what we are facing is because of our own actions.  God always offers us forgiveness, but, that does not mean that the consequences of our sin will disappear. 

Another great nugget from this week was the reminder that I am royalty!  I hope this blesses your spirit as much as it did mine. 
"You are in the most literal sense possible the daughter of the universe's King.  You have royal blood in a way that even Esther did not.  The crimson bloodline of Christ flows through your veins."       Beth Moore, Esther: It's Tough Being a Woman
How good is that!!!  Remember who you are!  You are God's if you have accepted Him.  He always chooses us.  We also have to choose Him.

Have you done that?  Have you made Jesus your Lord?  If not, please give Him a chance.  Check out this website for more help.  Or email me!

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