Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Esther - Week 2

I love the book of Esther!  This study is only reinforcing that fact.  Most days I do more than one lesson because it is so good. 

Esther won the favor of those she met.  So that had to include the other women.  And in some circles that is huge!  We women can be our own worst enemies at times.  In Esther we see that we can be liked by others and still love God.  Sometimes Christians get so caught up in being 'Christians' that they have no earthly value.  I hope I am not misunderstood here.  It is important for us to live holy lives and do what we know is Biblically right.  I guess the thing we have to be careful with is self-righteousness.  I hope I never forget where God brought me from.  Who I am today is only by His grace.  It has nothing to do with me. 

On the flip side of that, though, is the fact that we cannot be so earthly minded that our Christianity is hidden.  Peter tells us that we are 'aliens and strangers in the world' (I Peter 2:11).  If someone can look at our life and not have the slightest idea that we are a Christian, something is wrong.  We need to be different.  Strangers do not blend in to their surroundings.  They stick out. 

So this week I am praying that God will help me with balance.  I want to be different from this world.  I also want to be effective in this world. 

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