Monday, January 19, 2009

Esther - Week 3

Several things stuck out to me during this week of Bible study.  The first thing was a parallel theme from the book of Daniel.  Beth Moore makes the connection between Mordecai and Joseph.  Mordecai would not bow before Haman even though this was a command from King Xerxes.  He had made up his mind beforehand that he would bow, even to save his own neck.  In Genesis 39 we read about Joseph's encounters with Potipher's wife.  She tried her best to seduce Joseph, but he would not give in.  He, too, made up his mind before he was even put in that position.  The same thing is seen in the book of Daniel.  We have to make our mind up before we are put in compromising situations.  Know where your line is and do not cross it!

Prejudice is the driving force behind chapter 3 of Esther.  Haman hated the Jews.  When he found out Mordecai was a Jew, his plan for destroying all Jews in the Persian Empire was set into motion.  We have to be so careful to not allow prejudice to set in our hearts.  I can remember hearing slanderous statements about certain groups of people as a child.  I thank God that He did not allow those things to take root in me.  We are all ONE RACE!  Every person on this planet is related.  One group of people is no better than another. 

Lastly, this week I was reminded of the fact that God is in control of my life.  Times when it may seem like things are out of control, when everything seems to be falling apart, when there seems to be no end in sight...God is on the throne.  He sees all, knows all, and controls all.  He is watching and waiting for His timeline to be executed.  God's time is not like ours.  He is never late.  He is always right on time!

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