Wednesday, March 5, 2008

History and Science Fun

In history we have been looking at the Wars of the Roses.  The Lancastrians (red roses) and the Yorks (white roses) were part of the same family in England.  They fought over which family would sit on the throne of England.  When Edward IV died, his 12 year old son became king.  Edward V was too young so his uncle Richard was to rule in his place until Edward V was old enough to rule on his own.  Of course, once Richard III assumed the throne he did not intend to give it up.  Long story short, Richard III put Edward V and his younger brother in the tower of London.  They eventually disappeared and there was no threat to the throne.  The boys' bones were found many years later but we still do not know for sure who had them killed. is a project the girls did while they were learning about all of this.

Now for science.....while studying two of the gas giants, Neptune and Uranus, we did an experiment to make clouds.  The girls filled the jar half full of hot water, I struck the match and dropped it in the water, and the girls covered the jar with a bag of ice.  The water vapor rises and cools when it hits the colder air that is coming down from the ice.  This cooling causes the water vapor to become liquid again, creating a cloud.  This is the same process that happens on the gas giants.  The girls really enjoyed this experiment.

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