Saturday, May 10, 2008

First Campout of the Season

We were finally able to go camping!  Everyone was really excited. 

We got everything set up Friday and then the rain came.  Praise the Lord our new tent worked out well and we stayed dry all night.  It continued to rain until Saturday afternoon.  James made the girls ponchos out of trash bags.  They worked out well.  I guess that is one more thing we need to add to our list of camping supplies. 

James has been receiving emails from Todd Wilson, Family Man Ministries.  He is really enjoying Todd's writings.  His catch phrase is "You da' Dad".  Well...James was "da' Dad" this weekend. 

He cooked us our favorite Mountain Man Breakfast on Saturday morning in the rain.  The result of his work in the rain was delicious. 

When the rain stopped on Saturday some of our friends came down to go hiking with us.  The girls really enjoyed getting to show their friends around.

 They shared hiking sticks and had a great time. 

This picture is of Chimp Rock.  It is pretty cool to see in person.  We took pictures from Chimney Rock. 

Lil loves all animals, including bugs.  She is not afraid of them and will pick them up, hold them, squish them, whatever.  Here she is rescuing the worms from all the puddles.

She also found a millipede on the trail.  Into her hand it went!

On Sunday before we left it had warmed up enough to get in the creek a little.

Our plan is to start a scrapbook this year of all our camping adventures.  I have tons of supplies from when I was gung-ho about doing scrapbooks for each of the girls.  Unfortunately Lulu has about nine pages and Monkey has maybe four.  Oh well, maybe one of these days.  But we have a book that we can use for camping and I think if we all get involved with it we should be able to keep it up.  James and I would like to be able to see all the wonderful things God placed within the Gorge area.

Packed in and ready to go home....well, packed in anyway.

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