Friday, August 10, 2007

One Week Down!

We just finished our first week of school for the year!  Yippeeee!!!!!!
I think we are really going to enjoy this year.  We are having so much fun already.  I am very impressed with RightStart Mathematics so far.  Lulu is enjoy math much more than she did last year.  There is a lot less writing.  Monkey is doing great with it too.  She is very mathematical minded.  She should only know how to enter up to 7 on her abacus.  The other day she was playing with it after her lesson and she moved the first row (which is 10) over and two over on the second row and said, "Look Mom, this would be 12."  She really picks up on numbers quickly.  (Which as a math lover myself makes me very happy)

Phonics lessons are moving along too.  Lulu is learning how to code words and recognize the number of syllables in each word.  She picked up reading so quickly and so well that we have not done a lot of actual phonics.  So I think this will be good for her and just increase her spelling abilities.
Lil has done.......somewhat okay!   Boy can she make things challenging at times.  Especially when she does not take her nap

Overall we have had a great week.  Wednesday was very nice for Mom.....because Daddy took the day off work and gave Mommy a day off of everything!  I left the house around 9:00am with no children in tow and did not return until almost 5:00pm.  WOW!  That has not happened in....almost 8 years.   It always amazes me though how I feel so awkward when I am by myself.  It is so rare that it almost cannot be a treat for me.  I just feel like I am forgetting someone.  Oh....and while I was gone Daddy did school with the girls.   That was a real treat for them!  I was kind of worried that he would outdo me though and that they would request him after that.   So far I've been safe.

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