Thursday, May 17, 2007

Saturday = Vacation!

WooHoo!!!  We leave for vacation Saturday morning!  We are all very excited to get out of here and be on our way to the beach.  The girls are already planning out their sand castles.  Please pray that Lil does not try to become one with the ocean......she has no fear.  Last year she would just stand there and let the waves completely knock her down.  She did not cry or sputter or anything when she came back up.  She absolutely loves the water....just like her Momma!  Another element that adds excitement for the girls is the fact that Papaw, Ms. Karen, Uncle Pooh, Aunt Christy and Money Man are going as well.  We will be right on the beach which is nice.  I have put together activity binders for the girls to have in the car.  They have coloring pages, mazes, a lacing doll, travel bingo games, a scavenger hunt game, stickers, stencils and blank paper in them.  James and I also made scavenger hunt bottles for them.  We took empty water bottles and filled them with bird seed.  Hidden in the bird seed are small objects: bell, tack, various beads, tiny baby, paper clip, money, tiny motorcycle, etc.  We made a picture card to attach to the outside of the bottle so they know what to hunt for.  The girls, even Lil, do really well riding in the car.  I am hoping this will just give them some different things to do to help pass the time.  I will let you know how they work out.  I'll also post some pics when we get home.

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