Thursday, May 17, 2007

Field Day 2007

We finished up Co-Op for the year last week.  The girls will miss their friends over the summer, but I am looking forward to the break.  It is nice to not have to got anywhere for awhile.  James and I had started many projects around the house back in April...spring cleaning and the such.  Well we have gotten a lot done but still have a lot to do.  My living room is still piled with yard sale items.  When I am home long enough to have a sale then we can get it rearranged.  Anyway back to the subject.....our last Co-Op day we have a Field Day for the kids.  The girls really enjoy this each year.  They compete with their age group in tug-of-war, long jump, kick ball, obstacle course, 50-yard dash, sack race and three-legged race.  Lulu and Monkey both won ribbons for some of the events.  This year was extra special because James was able to take off work and go too!

Lil enjoyed watching tug-of-war, especially with her best bud!

Lulu doing the long jump.

Monkey working hard during the sack race.


Monkey always enjoys popsicles! 
Then it was time for the awards....

Another great Field Day!

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