Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I am excited to begin this blogging journey with all of you.  Our family has been homeschooling for three years now.  The Lord has blessed my DH and I with three beautiful daughters.  Lulu is seven, Monkey is five and Lil is two.  Our house is very loud, very active and very dramatic!  But I would not change that for anything.  I feel so blessed that God entrusted me with my girls.  Our school name is Potter's Hand Academy.  We need to place our lives in the Potter's hands daily so that He can mold us into the shape He desires.  So many times I want to be the clay and the potter.

I hope to use this blog to let some of our distant (and not-so-distant) relatives and friends see what our school is like and what we do all day.  You know those famous questions, "So what do you do?  How do you have school at home?"   My DH and I are simply following the call of God on our lives at this moment.  Our girls are far too precious to allow someone else to mold them.  I have told people before if my girls learn nothing else but that Jesus died to set them free from their sins, my DH and I will have been successfu!

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