Thursday, March 15, 2007

Our New Kittens

We got our first cat about a year and half ago.  Her name was Tinkerbell.  We wanted her to have a friend so we got a 6wk old kitten shortly after.  My girls are Daddy's girls.  Whatever Daddy likes, they like.  Well...Daddy likes Star Wars.  The girls decided that the new kitten needed to be named Padmae from Star Wars.  Tinkerbell suffered from seizures and died earlier this year.  Lulu was very attached to her and took it really hard.  We decided to get her another kitten.  When we went to look, we found one 9wk old kitten...and her brother.  Needless to say I was easy to convince.  So now, we have Padmae, Queen Amidala and Anakin. 
At least now all their names go together!

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