Saturday, April 24, 2010

EXPO 2010

Tonight was our annual EXPO at co-op.  There are several categories in which the students can enter to compete in their age group.  Lulu entered photography, spelling bee, crochet, and Legos.  Monkey entered photography, casseroles, sewing, and painting.  Lil entered photography, printing, and Legos.  The girls did a great job working on their projects.  

Lulu built a farmhouse with Legos.  She had a trundle bed under the big bed.  Her horses had their own barn.

Lulu took this picture at the zoo.  I would love to have it blown up.  It's beautiful.

Monkey did a great job on her painting.  She found a picture from a book of scenes at Red River Gorge.  

Monkey also took her picture at the zoo.  We happened to be in the reptile house during feeding time.  We were able to watch this snake begin to eat the rat.  Rather gross, but rather intriguing.  Her picture was a hit tonight...especially with the boys.

Lil used potatoes to do her printing.  I cut the shapes out for her and she went to town.  I have to admit she gets her systematic side from me.  I probably would have done everything in rows when I was 5 too.

One of Lil's most favorite things is Monster Jam.  She has gotten to go on two dates with her Daddy to see them live.  She was building a garden with her Legos for EXPO.  The older girls and I were in the school room doing our work.  She came into the room to ask for help finding a special Lego piece.  When I went into the living room her garden was gone and she was building trucks.  Too funny!  

Lil took a picture of Daddy's bass guitar for her photography entry.  Last year her picture was of a monster truck.

I am very proud of the hard work the girls put into their projects.  They had a blast.

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  1. Hey Kim, So good to see your children still participating in expo. Can it be that I moved just one year ago? Being the director of the co-op for 11 years and living on Ironworks seems like..... like a dream. It is nice to see the hard work of your girls. I hate snakes and mice but that picture was pretty cool. Capturing that at just the right moment was awesome. Love you all, Cathy