Saturday, April 11, 2009

Our Nature Bag

I am slowly incorporating more of Charlotte Mason's teachings.  Nature study is one area I have struggled with.  I want to do it...I'm just a little intimidated because I don't know much about this area.  I cannot tell the difference between trees and plants.  We are outside all the time and the girls have nature journals, but we still do not do nature study. 
Well as spring is approaching and we are anticipating the many weekends camping, James and I decided to put together a nature bag.  Our bag is actually a soft sided cooler.  We chose the cooler over a backpack so that it could get wet and clean up easier.  Inside our nature bag are the following:
  • 3 drawing pads
  • 3 fishing nets
  • 3 observation bowls (reusable Ziplocs with lids)
  • colored pencils
  • pencils
  • homemade crayons for rubbings
  • tube containers of various sizes
  • 2 magnifying glasses
  • 2 pairs of binoculars
  • hand sanitizer
It is so nice having everything in one place.  We are looking forward to the many advenures we plan to have with our nature bag.  When we are sitting around camp and the girls need something to do....just grab the bag and go explore!

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