Sunday, November 23, 2008

Couple's Retreat....Well One Couple Anyway

Friday night was a couple's retreat for our church.  Well, it was supposed to be anyway.  We had plans to go to Natural Bridge State Park and spend the night in the lodge fellowshiping with other couples.  Due to various circumstances the other couples could not attend. 

James and I have not been for a night away since Lulu was born.  That's nine years in case you were wondering.  The only time we have spent the night away from home without the girls is when I was in the hospital giving birth to the next one.  So we were  not about to cancel our plans.  The girls were spending the night at Papaw and Nana's house, going out for pizza, and bowling.  So we could not have told them plans changed either.  They were very excited about their night away as well.

So off we went.  As soon as we left our van started sputtering.  It has been doing this for awhile now.  But this time it was much worse.  We kept driving and contemplating turning around.  James pulled over and looked at it.  Once we started driving again it had quit.  So away we went. 

We had a great time just the two of us.  Yesterday morning we went hiking.  I was very surprised at how many other people were out hiking in the snow too.  We found Grey's Arch.  We had looked for this arch three times.  When all the leaves are on the trees it is hidden unless you know where it is. 

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