Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Three Girls and a Boy

Last week my niece, B, went home and her brother, Junior (as my husband lovingly called him all week),  came to visit.  The girls hated to see B go home.  Lulu told her she could just live with us and be her big sister.  It was sweet.  But as much as they hated her leaving, they were equally excited for Junior to be here.

The first thing they did to the poor boy was do his hair.  I was very proud of him.  Not many 13 year old boys would let three little girls put hair bows in his hair.  Junior just sat there with the occasional "Ouch".  To protect his coolness I won't post any pictures of the outcome...although I do have the pictures for the future if necessary!

We were able to take the kids to the Louisville Science Center.  When we got there we were happy to find out that the Car Art Festival was going on right outside the science center.  There were some pretty crazy looking cars there.  My favorite one was the red telephone.  It was really cool on the inside too.

When we left we saw this great mirror wall.  It was concave in shape with lots of mirrors attached.  The results were some neat echoes and really cool pictures.

This past weekend my Dad and his girlfriend came to visit.  When they left on Sunday they took Junior home with them.  The girls, once again, hated to see him go.  He and his sister do not start school until the 26th, so they have two more weeks of summer left.  But while my Dad was here their hotel had a pool. My girls are really improving on their ability to swim.  Lulu has gotten the freestyle technique down.  She is doing really well.  She also loves to go underwater.  Monkey is the doggie paddle queen.  She is starting to do the freestyle but only with one arm.  She also loves to go underwater.  This is huge for her.  Only about a year ago and she would have a fit if water got on her face.  It was very fun washing her hair the first 5 years of her life!  Then there is our fish....Lil.  Lil can swim the whole length of the pool with no help...at 3 years old.  She loves every aspect of the water.  She has her own technique.  I'm not even quite sure what to call it, but it works.  They had a great time.

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