Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Planning Time Again

It's that time of year again.  If you are like me, your school year has flown by.  We are already finishing some of our subjects.  And that means my mind is racing about what to do for next year.  What curriculum will I continue to use?  What new curriculums will I try?  What am I going to do the same / differently next year?  All those questions we all ask ourselves.  When I first decided to homeschool that was my biggest fear...what will I use?  There are so many great resources out there to choose from.  What if I pick the wrong one?  Four years later I still have the same questions flood my brain.  The big difference is that I know how to deal with them now.  As the questions roll in, I let them roll out.

I'm so thankful for the many homeschooling friends, mentors really, God has placed in my life.  I have learned from them to let things go.  My girls will learn what they need to know, they will succeed and I will not "ruin" them by keeping them home.  They will actually be better off by staying home. 
So, if you are feeling overwhelmed by all the material to choose from, relax.  Compare a few choices and pick one.  If it works great for your kids, good.  If it doesn't work great, no big deal.  Just change it a little or pitch it all together.  I figure we have wasted money on so many meaningless things in life if I loose a little on some curriculum, oh well.

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